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Original Street Food Tour

As the name suggests, this is our original walking food tour in De Pijp, the first neighbourhood where we started our street food tours in 2013. We have kept on growing & improving it ever since.

For us, this area truly feels like coming home, and we hope to share our love for De Pijp and our friends with you, too. Sometimes, we will venture out further into the Canal District. However, this depends on what your mother bird decides is best for that day and group.

We will spread our wings by visiting traditional Dutch street food vendors, true Amsterdam icons, multigenerational family businesses, and new food entrepreneurs on the Albert Cuyp Market or in the narrow, quirky streets.

Sure, there will be Dutch classic street foods. But there’s way more to the street food culture of Amsterdam. Surinamese and Indonesian food especially has a big significance. We’ll explain why and ensure you get properly introduced to the stories, foods, and places that belong to the story of Amsterdam.

What is included in the hungry birds
original street food tour?

broodje pom, creole-surinamese street food

Hungry Birds' Values

Stay Hungry, Stay kind

We try to accommodate all kinds of hungry birds. Families with kids, groups of friends, couples, co-workers and solo travellers. As long as you love good food and are hungry to connect with our beloved city of Amsterdam in a respectful and kind way.

Open heart & mind

We don't just tour people around, we host in a friendly manner and quite regularly make real friends. We're experienced, knowledgeable and well-travelled local food tour hosts that love people and what we do.


We love street food culture & Markets

We believe markets are like the soul of a city and that street food deeply reflects local culture. We love taking the backstreets and taking you to mom-and-pop places where we would go ourselves.

Respect local culture

Amsterdam is our home. We care for the people, place & culture here and are doing what we can to make sure the impact of our tours make Amsterdam a better city.

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