5 Best coffee spots in Amsterdam’s Pijp neighbourhood

We are big fans of the neighborhood De Pijp. (See our blog post here about all the reasons why we think you should visit during your trip to Amsterdam.) De Pijp is an incredibly vibrant neighborhood where we give our original experience walking food tours! We think De Pijp is one of Amsterdam’s best neighborhoods for food and drink! Especially for coffee enthusiasts. In this blogpost, we will delve into the Netherlands deep rooted relationship with coffee and highlight our 5 favorite places to grab a cup of joe while strolling through this charming district of the big city we love.

Netherlands is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world on a per capita basis. (#5 to be exact, according to world population review.) The Netherlands has a long history with coffee dating back to the 17thcentury. To this day, coffee is a very integral part of Dutch society. If you enter a Dutch home, it is likely that within the first few minutes you will be offered a cup of coffee. It doesn’t matter if you’re a friendly invited guest, or the refrigerator repair man.


Dutchies also have a high-quality standard, and many enjoy specialty coffee beans and brewing styles. Because of this, there are loads of wonderful cafes to choose from if you’re looking for a luxuriously delicious cup of coffee around the city.


Our top 5 favorite places in De Pijp for a cup a coffee are as follows:



This darling shop on the Tweede van der Helststraat has immaculate vibes and even better tasting coffee. The staff are wonderful and knowledgeable. We have been sipping on their brews for years. Their beautifully pink aesthetic on the inside is just as darling as their branding on their packaged coffee which is available for sale inside their shop. They also make delicious pastries to enjoy with your coffee or take with you on the road!



This place teleports you to a bohemian tropical paradise! Multiple levels of island vibes really make you forget you’re in Europe. It is constructed within a 1920’s cinema and attracts coffee lovers from all different walks of life. They make a wonderful cappuccino along with an extensive brunch menu. A must visit!



This place gives off the exact vibes you would assume by reading the name. The minimalist, scandi aesthetic is the perfect place to chill out for Fika hour ;). A hidden Gem not too far from the Albert Cuyp Market is certainly worth a visit. Do not leave without trying one of their house made cinnamon buns!


4)    BROOD

This bright, sunlit, corner bakery and café has everything you could wish for. Kind staff, delicious coffee, and perfectly baked cakes and breads. They make a strong americano that will keep you energized. Their commitment to sustainability and social enterprises in Africa have us advocating for everyone to pay them a visit! Their welcoming staff will answer any questions you might have about their business. We love them!


5)    LOCALS

This small café located on the sweetest small street in De Pijp. It gives off a minimalist and Nordic vibe. You can order your coffee straight from the Chemex if you’re the pour-over type. Limited seating is available inside, but they make a great coffee to go that you can sip on while wandering the small side streets of De Pijp.


As you enjoy what De Pijp has to offer, you can immerse yourself into the vibrant energy and the beautiful, niche, indulgent coffee culture this hip district has to offer. There is a chance you might end up in one of these cafes if you attend one of Hungry Birds Original Experience tours through De Pijp! Story telling always included.




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