5 reasons why you should visit De Pijp neighborhood on your trip to Amsterdam

Do you want to have a real Amsterdam experience? Something that isn’t fabricated just to please the eyes of naive visitors. Don’t skip this dynamic, eclectic, and charming neighbourhood: DE PIJP!

De Pijp is one of Amsterdam’s most popular neighborhoods amongst the locals of the city to live in and hang around. However, it doesn’t get nearly as much attention from visitors. We LOVE De Pijp. This vibrant and lively neighborhood is jam packed with activities to keep you busy by day or night! Here is a list of our top 5 reasons on why De Pijp is a neighborhood you should make time to visit during your trip to Amsterdam!



The #1 reason why we think De Pijp is so great is because this neighborhood is still dominated by its inhabitants, and it is not overrun by holidaymakers. Despite its extremely close location to the city center, it remains a hub for local people to go about their normal routines at peace. You will really see the way people live in the neighborhood just by strolling through the streets, observing the interactions amongst neighbors, watching people do their shopping on the Albert Cuyp Market… De Pijp is rich in Amsterdammer authenticity, something we miss in the bigger, more popular areas that attract most visitors.



De Pijp is a foodies dream neighborhood. A rich, eclectic, and diverse collection of food shops, market stalls, cafes and sit-down restaurants makes a mile long list of “must try” spots and dishes. Lucky for you though, Hungry Birds Street Food Tours has been living and networking in De Pijp for over a DECADE and has cracked the code for the most well-rounded foodie experience you could wish to have. The Original Experience takes visitors to all De Pijp’s most iconic, authentic, multi-generational mom and pop stops in the neighborhood. The perfect way to learn about the history of Dutch street food culture, Amsterdam, De Pijp, and The Netherlands as a whole!



Like we mentioned before, De Pijp is perfectly positioned in the heart of Amsterdam. Its easy accessibility of a convenient, centrally located metro station, multiple tram stops/line connections, and walkability from most major attractions in Amsterdam makes it an opportune addition to your Amsterdam itinerary.



De Pijp is just a lively at nighttime as it is during the day’s hustle and bustle. There are loads evening establishments to choose from with a variety of things to offer. Dancing? Sure. Fancy cocktail bars? Definitely. Laid back lounges? Absolutely. Take your pick, or spend the evening bopping around and create your own pub-crawl! There is something for everyone in this safe and walkable district.



De Pijp is home to a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, income brackets, and ages. We believe part of what gives De Pijp its charm and character is the lack of pretentiousness and diversity of folks who dwell within. The rich culture that the diversity brings can be witnessed via the eclectic shops, foods, and activities taking place. De Pijp became what it is today by starting off as a hub for students, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs..etc to seek cheap living and working quarters. This diverse mix of sub-cultures helped make De Pijp the bohemian paradise that it is today. Diversity is a beautiful thing and you can witness it being celebrated every day in this unique neighborhood.



And there you have it! Just a few of the many reasons why De Pijp should earn itself a spot on your planning for your trip to Amsterdam. But please keep in mind, the beauty of this neighborhood is its local-centric attitude. Therefore, if you choose to visit the neighborhood, bring your local mindset with you. Check out our post about how to be a responsible tourist in Amsterdam for some tips on how to minimize your impact on the local environment.




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