Gezellig, Meaningful & Tasty.

We’re The Hungry Birds. A local & independent street food tour company in Amsterdam founded in 2013 by two new friends with a dream.

We believe that food is a universal language that brings people together and makes you experience the culture and heart of a place. Especially street food, because of how fresh, social and personal it is. So it’s no surprise that our founding mothers’ story is rooted in Vietnam and Indonesia, two countries well-known for the vibrant street food culture.

A Hungry Birds Experience is a gezellig, meaningful & tasty travel adventure. The menu during our street food experience is an eclectic mix of local (street) foods and stories behind the food, the makers, our culture and everyday life in Amsterdam. We only work with honest and inspiring business owners who are kind and proud of what they do. Most of these places are mom-and-pops, market vendors, eateries, cafes and bars. The same places where we would take our own family and friends.