Oost (East) Street Food Tour

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Oost (East) Street Food Tour

Whether you have experienced our Original Food Tour already before or you’re a curious traveller who rather goes beyond the more known neighborhoods.  A journey through the Eastside of Amsterdam is a little global adventure of it’s own. This part of the city is less crowded and has a unique identity and history. There is an incredible wide variety of locally loved eateries.
If you expect to be introduced to a large amount of Dutch street foods this might not be the tour for you. Then we would recommend the Original Street Food Tour in De Pijp and beyond. However, if you feel more adventurous and open to other try tastes that are perhaps less obvious but still very much part of the Amsterdam local street food culture. Then venturing into the Eastside will be a good idea.  
We will not spoil too much however, this experience includes Javanese-Surinamese, Pakistani, Turkish, Moroccan and Hindustan-Surinamese and Syrian flavors. We’ll move through the ‘Dapperbuurt’ with its famous Dappermarkt. Some say, the oldest and most diverse market in the city. Furthermore, we will dive into the lively Javastraat for our favorite specialty stores. This street is part of the Indische buurt. A neighborhood with street names that are named after some of the islands of the immensely large Indonesian archipelago.
At the end of this food tour you will also have a deeper understanding of why these streets carry those names as well as who and what has made Amsterdam Oost the neighborhood it is today.
If you have been in Amsterdam before and are curious to experience something other than the typical Dutch foods, or if you are just hungry to discover the East side of Amsterdam, then sign up for this tour.
Fun fact: we feel closely connected to this side of the city since four birdies in our team either happily lived or still lives in this neighborhood.
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We try to accommodate all kinds of hungry birds. Families with kids, groups of friends, couples, co-workers and solo travellers. As long as you love good food and are hungry to connect with our beloved city of Amsterdam in a respectful and kind way.

Open heart & mind

We don't just tour people around, we host in a friendly manner and quite regularly make real friends. We're experienced, knowledgeable and well-travelled local food tour hosts that love people and what we do.

We love Street Food culture & Markets

We believe markets are like the soul of a city and that street food deeply reflects local culture. We love taking the backstreets and taking you to mom-and-pop places where we would go ourselves.

Respect local culture

Amsterdam is our home. We care for the people, place & culture here and are doing what we can to make sure the impact of our tours make Amsterdam a better city.

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